Holidays can be so fussy but it's always fun to remember the fun part of it. Some like to do the ugly sweater party but our holiday party for #LindeStudios was a #Whoville theme. Ya' know "The Grinch who stole Christmas"... Well as usual whenever I get the chance to create a costume I go all out. I became a WHO in a couple hours with a few things I picked up from Walmart and a few things from my Props Closet :) it was so much fun. here are some of the images. 


The weigh-in took place on Friday May 2nd 2014 @MGMGrand Las Vegas. What an exciting time it was. First I would like to thank The MGM Grand and Mayweather Promotions for putting on such a spectacular event. Although is wasn't the actual fight, it was fun none the less. With performances by the famed rapper #2Chains and appearances by others such as #RickRoss and I heard several more celeb's were in the building but it was so packed and busy I never saw them. Several of the other fighters came out to show off, and show off they did... my girlie parts really loved that portion of the show. There were Corona Girls and Showtime Girls for the guys as well, so fair is fair.      

 All Copyrights, Le'Shaun Courtney Williams for COURTULOOKIN IMAGES   #MGMGrandGardenArena #Mayweather #Maidana #TMT #MayweatherPromotions #TheMoment #MayweathervsMaidana #Goldenboypromotions #LasVegasPhotography #Showtime #FloydMayweather

All Copyrights, Le'Shaun Courtney Williams for COURTULOOKIN IMAGES 

#MGMGrandGardenArena #Mayweather #Maidana #TMT #MayweatherPromotions #TheMoment #MayweathervsMaidana #Goldenboypromotions #LasVegasPhotography #Showtime #FloydMayweather






There is something so awesome about this time of year. FOOTBALL SEASON... as the youngest of seven brothers I'd better know a thing or two about how to conduct myself on Sundays and Monday nights. Lucky for me I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and wanted to do everything my brothers did. I wear my badges of honor on my scuffed up knees to this day. Luckily I am a Photoshop expert and I get rid of them whenever I shoot myself and my knees are showing. LOL it's one of the perks of the job :) 

This is also the time for us girls to represent our teams by doing a sexy photoshoot in your favorite player or team jersey. Show your love and get in to the spirit of FOOTBALL. My team is The #NYGiants but I have other players and other teams that I respect and give props to. Also I was recently introduced to #Fantasy Football and now it's on a whole other level for me. But I did a shoot "Selfies of course" to show my undying love for my #GMEN... #Blueblood for Life!