"You can teach art but you can't teach passion"

Le'Shaun is a passionate artist with many mediums.         she studied art & design at fashion industries n.y. Photography was just the next step in her career. studying Body Language,  and energy is an added benefit when working with people.  with a career in Music and Art, creativity runs through her veins.    

A natural born talent, she spent many of her years in the entertainment industry as a Triple Platinum Recording Artist as well as a Song Writer, Poet, stylist and Model.

Le'Shaun has worked with celebrities, athletes, models, brides, babies and everything in between. Everyone feels comfortable around her because of her fun outgoing personality and nurturing character. Her love for everything art is what motivates her to shoot and show the world her vision.  



"I am not just a photographer...                                                    I am an Artist, who is the mother of a very lovely canon that i believe has a heartbeat, every shutter click like a pulse.                                                                                     I am the proud owner of creative energy and i express myself through these different art forms. today my camera, tomorrow my sewing machine and the day after that my pencil with paper, microphone or drill...                                                                                            these blessings are both a gift and a curse because i couldn't stop if i wanted to.                                                           i am addicted to creating and recreating,  

life inspires me, people inspire me...      creative thought provoking ideas or a huge smile       i wish only to leave my prints and foots prints on this universe for a while..."

xo L. 


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